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Book 4 : God's Covenant Creation

Book 4 : God's Covenant Creation


God’s Covenant Creation: Adam’s Race and Mandate is a study of the meaning of Genesis 1-11 in the context of the rest of the Bible and an introduction as to God’s purpose for creating Adam and who he was.

God’s Covenant Creation is a comprehensive commentary of Genesis 1-11 addressing some of the most critical stories and subject matters of the Bible. Understanding what Genesis 1-11 says and what it means determines your perspective and scope of the Bible and life itself.

Unlike any other book, Genesis 1-11 is approached from the context of Genesis 12 through Revelation as determined in Books One through Three of the Covenant Heritage Series. Thus, Book Four is not a stand-alone treatment of Genesis 1-11, but is most accurately understood from the broader context of the rest of the Bible.

Some of the important questions answered in God’s Covenant Creation include:

  • Is the “creation story” of Genesis 1 about how God created the physical universe, the planet earth and every living creature or is it about the main subject matter of Genesis 12-Revelation revealed in Books One through Three?
  • What is the purpose of the creation of Adam in God’s image and likeness and how is that fulfilled through God’s revelation of His unfolding Kingdom?
  • What is the significance of the genealogies of Genesis 5-11 (that include over 40% of all the verses in theses chapters) in respect to the rest of the biblical story?
  • Was the great Flood event of Noah’s day global or local?
  • Did all the various races come from Adam or specifically from the descendants of Noah?

God’s Covenant Creation challenges the majority opinion in almost every aspect and conclusion of the meaning of Genesis 1-11, particularly the creation story (Genesis 1), the Flood (Genesis 6-8), and the Tower of Babel event (Genesis 11). This book also challenges the meaning of the word “nations” used in Genesis 10 which is typically assumed by Catholics and Protestants alike to be inclusive of all “human beings” on the planet.

God’s Covenant Creation demonstrates the consistency in understanding what Genesis 1-11 says and means in the context of the rest of the Bible.

God's Covenant Creation is the fourth book in a 7-book series.

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