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Book 6 : The Biblical Story of Prophecy

Book 6 : The Biblical Story of Prophecy


The Biblical Story of ProphecyThe Kingdom Established will address and answer one question. According to the evidence of the biblical and historical context of the New Testament, what is the time frame of the coming of Jesus Christ?

Is Jesus coming soon? Are we living in the “last days”? What are the latest signs that we are now in the “end times”? Could we be in “the tribulation” period? Do you think Donald Trump could be the anti-Christ? Will there be a future destruction of the physical planet and universe replaced with a “new heaven and earth”? What is the biblical story of prophecy?

There is perhaps no subject more compelling, more preached about and discussed than the so-called “second coming” of Jesus Christ. There is also nothing more speculative. This prophetic subject, since AD 44 until the present day, has been of intense interest, peppered with numerous predictions about when Jesus would come again. And, there are many opinions about the prophetic future.

We believe that the reason there are so many differing and conflicting beliefs about Jesus’ coming is that two indispensable factors have rarely been taken into consideration. First, the context of the whole Bible is not understood by the vast majority of Catholics and Protestants. Unless it is correctly discerned, the many New Testament passages about Jesus’ coming will be grossly misunderstood. This is why we wrote Books One through Four of the Covenant Heritage Series. Prophecy must be interpreted in light of the overall context of the Bible.

The second factor involves many aspects of interpreting the language of prophecy. One of the most predominant mistakes that many people make regarding prophecy is to interpret it from a Western material and literal viewpoint. Disregarding the many examples of prophetic language and imagery results in further misunderstanding and misapplication of prophecy.

Correctly understanding what Jesus and His Apostles taught about His coming is centered on the foundation of the most important principle of interpretation. This one principle is, perhaps, the most overlooked and disregarded one of all. And without the strict, unfailing application of this one principle, all the New Testament passages on the coming of Jesus will be distorted in respect to their intended meaning.

The Biblical Story of Prophecy is the sixth book in a 7-book series.

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