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858 - Covenant Heritage Series: Books 1-7

858 - Covenant Heritage Series: Books 1-7


The Covenant Heritage Series is comprised of seven books designed to help you understand what the Bible says and to consider what it means by what it says. Each book builds on the previous book to provide a comprehensive, but easy to follow, historical approach to the Bible. In addition, they address important questions and implications about the present condition and future reality of the United States of America and all the nations of western civilization.

Taken together, these books follow the unfolding plan and purpose of God for a covenant family from Genesis to Revelation. They seek to help restore the lost and relatively unknown heritage and divinely-ordained purpose of these covenant people.

These books are designed to make you think!

More accurately, to cause you to re-think about what the Bible actually says and means. Not what others think it says and means, or what you assume it says and means, or what you would like it to say and mean, but what it simply says and means by what it says.

Do you have the courage to learn how to study the Bible, even if you discover truths contrary to what you currently believe to be true?

If the Bible, comprised of the Old and New Testaments, is indeed the God-breathed word of the living God, then the reading and study of it should be one of the most important occupations of your life. To know for yourself what it says and means by what it says should be the primary pursuit of your life. Do you agree with that?

We have missed the mark so badly in major areas of biblical understanding primarily because we have failed to connect the key people, covenants and events of the Bible into one cohesive, non-contradictory whole from Genesis to Revelation. We have made, and continue to make, two major mistakes that have resulted in misunderstanding the written word of God. First, we have not been absolutely strict enough to consistently apply well- recognized and accepted principles of interpretation. (Go to Book One and click on the Free Introduction download at the bottom of the page.)

Second, we have allowed prevailing, but unproven assumptions to dictate and color what the Bible says and means. Assumptions like: God loves everybody and thus the Bible is a universally applied book. Here is another assumption: the people who call themselves “Jews” today are God’s chosen people. (Yes, these books do challenge those assumptions.)

But is what I just said to you too upsetting? Let me ask you though, Can you prove those assumptions from the evidence of the Scriptures and from history?

I submit to you that they are NOT correct. And I will go further. If you believe those assumptions, 70% of the Bible is closed to your understanding.

What these books do is to carefully and systematically put together the Bible to help you understand it. And when you are finished, you will see the big picture as to how the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob set forth and carried out His Kingdom plan to accomplish His purpose to rule and reign in justice and peace.

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